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Natural Machines: The TECFOOD Project

There is currently a lot of scientific evidence supporting the relevance of proper eating habits for health maintenance and disease prevention.

In recent years, science has investigated how various food components affect the body’s equilibrium in order to sustain optimum health. As a result, health is one of the primary themes that consumers consider when filling their shopping baskets.


Secondly, society does not reject creative and lifestyle-adapted food concepts. In this sense, the industry responds by launching new food formats—ready-to-eat foods with new flavours and sensations.


In this regard, the Food+i Cluster promotes the TECFOOD project, which will be completed in 2022. The initiative studied the development of new healthy food products that meet market demand over four years.


The project’s flagship technology is 3D food printing, which includes a cooking and sanitation system as well as software for preparing previously created dishes. Food preparations combined inside printing machine-adapted sustainable cartridges ensured a healthy and balanced diet.


The business consortium depended on collaboration with technological centres and institutions with substantial experience in food research to obtain the project’s objectives.


The TECFOOD project is led by a consortium of seven companies that have joined forces to research the industrial processing of new technologically advanced goods that are nutritionally balanced and presented in novel formats.

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