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The first smart kitchen appliance that speeds up the process of making food with fresh ingredients: all via a next generation 3D food printer and IoT kitchen appliance.

The Foodini Formula

The premise of all 3D printers is that you become the manufacturer, you are the maker. The same concept applies with Foodini: you become the manufacturer, and you control what ingredients go into your foods.

People are never forced to buy pre-filled food capsules. Foodini ships with empty stainless steel food capsules, and people can print with fresh, real ingredients, having total freedom and control over foods printed and in what form.

Essentially Foodini is a very clean system that pushes food down the capsule, through the nozzle, and prints it. A precision control system moves the capsule in a very accurate way, creating shapes which then can be stacked layer upon layer to become truly 3 dimensional creations. Foodini uses state of the art technology, hardware and software, and the power of the internet so that making your new creations is easy as pie.

A successful Foodini print is made up of 2 main elements: creations and fillings. Creations are the shapes that print. Fillings are the ingredients that are loaded into the capsules and printed – into creations. Both creations and fillings can be custom made and used independently but they can also be combined to form recipes. Laid out just like your favorite recipe book, recipes are super easy to setup, edit and prepare.

Set Your Creativity Free
Create fascinating food designs and present food in extraordinary ways to amaze customers. Foodini equals endless possibilities.
Multiple Ingredients
Foodini has room for up to 5 stainless steel capsules that automatically exchange as needed, giving you speed and flexibility during service.
Smart Device
Use Foodini Creator software included with Foodini to create your own prints. Design dishes the moment you are inspired.

Create Dishes That Aren't Possible By Hand

Foodini enables chefs to have even more control in precision of food designs, and to create food presentations in a way that would be impossible, or incredibly difficult, using any other method.

Even chefs that prefer plating styles that are refined but not regimented, with the visual focus on two or three key ingredients in the dish rather than embellishments, use Foodini to optimise and automate plating processes.

As with many other kitchen appliances, Foodini can automate certain tasks in the kitchen: similar to how a food processor automates chopping by hand with a knife. Chefs save time when preparing difficult food presentations and can improve plating results as Foodini creates consistent results.

Sometimes plating the same dish over and over again for service can be exhausting. Why not automate some of it? Once you have your dish optimised on Foodini, you can save it on the Foodini Creator app and print it precisely time and time again.

FOOD Solutions

FOODINI 3d Food Printer

The IoT Appliance for all kitchens

Foodini Creator
Foodini Creator is our easy-to-use print application which comes pre-loaded on Foodini. Use the shape libraries to start designs and recipes, or create them from scratch with Foodini Creator tools.
Stainless Steel Capsules
All of our capsules are made from 18/8 stainless steel, also known as 304, which is the best food-grade stainless steel.
Silicone Rings & Matts
Made of silicone platinum, the highest quality of food-grade and food-safe silicone.
Interface 7 inch Touchscreen
The Foodini has a built in touchscreen system. Easy to navigate around menus, create designs and print your creations.
Capsule Presses & Other Plastic Parts
Any plastic parts used in Foodini are made of PolyCarbonate or PolyPropylene, both of which are food-grade and BPA-free.
The Future Kitchen
Internet of Things product with all future technology and features built in.

Unlock the potential of food with the Natural Machines Foodini Foodini 3D Food Printer

Kitchen Appliance
From the day we started Foodini, we built it to be a kitchen appliance: it’s made from food-grade/safe materials.
Stainless Steel
Our long life stainless steel food capsules will not retain food scent or flavor. Use them over and over again with your fresh ingredients.
Foodini comes with different nozzle sizes which means you can print with different food textures.
5 Capsules
Foodini has room for up to 5 food capsules that automatically exchange as needed to create multi-ingredient prints.
Easy To Clean
We don’t like kitchen appliances that are hard to clean, and we’re sure you don’t either. Dishwasher safe parts and wipe down surfaces keep your Foodini clean.
Onboard Touchscreen
Easily interact with Foodini via the onboard intuitive touchscreen, or connect via WiFi from another tablet or laptop.
Internet Connected
Foodini is a WiFi IoT (Internet of Things) connected kitchen appliance; always have the latest and greatest software.

Foodini Creator is our easy-to-use print application which comes pre-loaded on Foodini. Use premade designs or create them from scratch.

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