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3devo is a tech company founded by young inventive engineers in the Netherlands. their mission centres on developing accessible and high-quality products to empower innovators and creators.

Innovation at Light-speed

Back in 2014, we started tweaking our very first filament maker prototype. Along the way, many improvements have been made to what is known today as the Composer and Precision Filament Makers. But we didn’t stop there. We took the next step and decided to make it our priority to create products that fully covered the whole filament extrusion circle. From there, came our SHR3D IT plastic shredder which later evolved into the all-new GP20 Shredder Hybrid, alongside the Airid Polymer dryer, which enhances the quality of the 3D printing filament.

Focused Around Sustainability

Our goal is to assist the transition of businesses, educational facilities, and research labs to a more sustainable business model — not only from an economic perspective but also from an environmental-friendly practice of 3D printing. We stay focused on this goal by constantly improving our products and searching for ways to take material innovation to the next level.

Lattice Medical Promising Innovations for Breast Reconstruction Patients

3devo offers high-performance products and services, that transform filament extrusion into a closed-loop circle. By working with some of the biggest brands in the world, we dare to say that nobody excels in filament extrusion the way we do!

We are dedicated to helping our customers improve their competitive advantage through the customization of enhanced 3D printing filament. We offer the tools and knowledge — all you need to do is use it.

Your experience with 3devo products is our top priority. No exception. We make sure that we treat your issues like our own. Our support platform is full of guides, extrusion resources, and useful tips. Need more? We have a live support team for that. Any time and place with the click of a call.

Potential over Experience! We believe there is a lot more to achieve if you’re willing to learn. That’s why we look for the greatest potential instead of focusing on the most experience.

We’re Here to Help, Really Help!  We help each other and those who matter to us. If you need help, ask, and we’ll help you find the solution or the first next step. If we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can.

Be The Change You Seek! Have the courage to solve the problems you find, and spark change. Whether it’s to better our processes, products, people, or place. Finding problems is easy, finding solutions is where it gets difficult/exciting.

Every Client is a Partner! We take ownership of the challenges our clients experience in reaching their goal. We work hard to build a relationship where we can get there together as partners.services.

Focus X Effort = Success! If we focus on the right things and work hard enough we will reach success, no matter how ambitious the plans. Dare to explore.

Freedom with Responsibility! We enjoy the freedom to try new things, and we take ownership of our actions and results. Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.

Research your own 3D printing materials – Unlock the freedom to experiment

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A full recycling ecosystem

From design to development and production, 3devo creates the most complete filament extrusion machines and tools. Using cutting-edge technology, and high-quality European standards, our goal is to make filament extrusion simple for everyone!

Customer Care

Customer care is always the first priority for us. On our online help platform, you will find video tutorials, troubleshooting steps and solutions, and everything else you may need to know about filament extrusion.


3D Printing is a demanding procedure with a focus on detail and we know that. By using the highest quality standards, we make sure that you will be able to recycle your plastics for a long time.


We are never standstill. Innovation is the reason

Materials Made Simple

Our mission is simple – to streamline the process of material research and development

How do we do this? By providing you with the best accessible features with the highest quality components.

Are you ready to join the revolution in material development?

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The Composer and Precision Series

Filament Makers

Make filament out of pellets or shredded plastic regrinds right from your desk.

The Composer and Precision Series Filament Makers are specialized, result-oriented machines with industrial quality power. Making polymers simpler than ever to work with, while offering even more possibilities in manufacturing and innovation.

With temperatures up to 450°C, our Filament Makers can process a wide range of materials
Extruder Screw
Swappable and Nitride hardened for industrial grade lifespan
Materials Mixing
Optionally equipped with material Mixing section
Diameter Range
0,5 – 3mm Ø with automated control system
Heating System
Multi-zone design with up to 4 separate zones
Regular firmware updates. Real-time extrusion data analysis.
composer optimised

  • Easily accessible settings
  • Convenient standard material pre-sets
  • Customizable material profiles for perfect results
  • Simple USB connectivity with your computer/laptop
  • Regular firmware updates and instant access to new features

  • Optical sensor to check the material level
  • Removable tube; multiple sizes supported
  • Built-in safety grille

  • 4 heating zones, reaching temperatures up to 450°C
  • Nitride hardened steel extruder screw
  • Swappable extruder design
  • Optional mixing section (Composer Series)
  • Replaceable extruder nozzle

  • Dual fan system for even air distribution
  • Adjustable fan angles for optimal air flow
  • Customizable, material-specific fan speeds

  • Accurate diameter measurement between 0.5mm and 3.0mm; 43 micron precision
  • One nozzle for all filament diameters
  • Ideal sensor placement to ensure filament roundness
  • Automatic speed adjustment for accurate diameter control
  • Changeable puller wheels to suit material temperature variations

Set your own spool sizes, and with auto spooling let the system to the work. The filament maker will neatly position itself to get a nice-looking spool that won’t tangle.

  • Adjustable positioner, with a max spool width of 120mm
  • Automatic spooling to user-defined size
  • Retractable arm for neat, even winding of all spool sizes
  • Fit spools with a max Diameter: of 240mm, And a max width of: 120mm
  • User-friendly slipper clutch for spool tension adjustments
  • Swappable spool mount for quick changing between spools
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Durable and Versatile Components

Hardened for Durability. The extruder screw in the Composer is machined for mixing. Its nitride-hardened interior ensures industrial-grade filament extrusion. Enables you to blend different additives, plastics, fibers or powders to create custom filaments.

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Easy, Accessible and Automated

The unique vertical extrusion setup in the filament makers ensures precise roundness and accurately guides the filament to the spool. A dual air cooling system, with adjustable fan speeds and positions, ensures optimal cooling settings for the materials you work with. A sophisticated optical sensor and a dynamic puller system work together to achieve a diameter precision tolerance of +/- 0.05mm*. *(to get the exact diameter tolerance tuning might be needed depending on material type)

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Unlimited filament, neatly spooled

Thanks to its swappable spool mount, the filament makers support diverse spool sizes and quick spool changes. Set your custom spool dimensions to get a neatly rolled spool of filament. Adjust the built-in slipper clutch to get the right amount of tension in your filament spool.

Building 3D printing materials with our filament makers

Material Pre-Sets

Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use material settings
Material Pre-Sets

Custom Materials

Add your own custom material profiles.
Custom Materials

Software Updates

Expand your material database with 3devo software updates
Software Updates


Create exciting new composites with materials like glass or carbon fiber

Homogenous Blends

Use the Composer Series (with built-in mixing section) for homogenous material blends
Homogenous Blends

Custom Colors

Incorporate colorants of your choice to design colorful filaments
Custom Colors

A seamless, all-in-one, integration


DevoVision takes desktop-extrusion to a whole new level. Now, it’s possible to analyze your industry-quality filament in real-time through software integration. Simplifying your workflow while maximizing productivity.

Real-Time Insights

Watch your filament in real-time – allowing you to make immediate adjustments.
Real-Time Insights

Your Own Workspace

Visualize the clear presentation of what is going on during your extrusion through your workspace.
Your Own Workspace

Take Clear Notes

Look back on your successes, lessons learned, trials and tribulations.
Take Clear Notes

Public Network Display

See your extrusion progress from other screens connected to your local network.
Public Network Display
Visual Extrusion Overview

Receive real-time data of constant measurements displaying filament thickness, extruder RPM, puller speed, current filament length and mass, and other settings — all happening simultaneously.

Achieve Perfection

Our application shows an overview of your extrusion history, allowing you to compare previous extrusions to find the settings that work for your application. You can say goodbye to having to estimate and predict certain setting – Now, you simply can retrieve old logs and replicate the same outcome. Desktop extrusion has never been easier.

Provide Quality Assurance Over Your Filament

The data history shows deviation patterns and the overall health of your filament. Providing a clear understanding of the relationship between settings and outcomes is at the heart of the application. DevoVision means less downtime in experimentation and more time implementing findings in production.

easy to pair

Get Started Instantly

This one-time seamless installation process will have you ready to go as soon as you unbox your filament maker. You’ll immediately be able to jump right in and get started logging your extrusion.

color test notes

Document Your Progress

You might come across complications with your extrusion when working with new materials. And that’s okay —it’s simply part of the experimentation process. Thats why we feature a note section. This allows you to annotate the graph as you extrude. Having a place to store your thoughts during experimentation means you can pinpoint a cause and effect between settings and output.

Public display network

Multi-Screen Capabilities

See your extrusion progress from multiple screens within your network. Once you have perfected your extrusion setting, you can monitor your extrusion remotely. You can get on with new tasks while still checking in on your extrusion wherever you are on your network.


Customize the Data That Suits You

Our workspace displays a clear presentation of extrusion data through a dashboard-like view. You can personalize your workspace with charts that benefit you the most. You can create, clear and comprehensive charts in real-time so results can be demonstrated to others regardless of their extrusion knowledge.

3devo’s Hardware and Software

The Perfect Pair

3devo provides the essential tools that combine materials, hardware, and now software.

We do all of this so you can have the most reliable and uninterrupted extrusion experience.

Allowing you to focus on the essentials.

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If you require more custom and tailored additive manufacturing solution for yourself or business, please reach out to us via our contact form, call or email. We are more than happy to help you reach your goals with 3d printing technology.