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Natural Machines: A Platform For Creating Tailored Medicine Therapies

CurifyLabs and Natural Machines established a strategic agreement to create a technology that allows for the creation of tailored medicines using 3D printing.

  • On-site production of tailored medicines for human and veterinary patients in pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Included in the offering is a pharma-compliant 3D printer.
  • Personalized medicine dosing to fulfil the demands of individual patients in terms of dosage, shape, size, and therapy combinations

Compounding is the manual production of tailored pharmacological therapies for individuals when an optimal treatment with currently available pharmaceutical items is not possible. Many talented pharmacists are capable of manually compounding medications, but the procedure is inefficient and lacks quality control.


This collaboration intends to create a one-of-a-kind solution that streamlines and automates the compounding process in pharmacies and hospitals using 3D printers. CurifyLabs plans to commercialise the product globally.


Through this collaboration, they are building a unique Medicine-as-a-Service idea for pharmacy compounding, and hope that the collaboration with Natural Machines will bring to market an economical and excellent 3D printing platform.


Together, they can transform the personalized pharmaceutical market by providing “localized, on-demand drug manufacturing.”, says Charlotta Topelius, CEO, CurifyLabs. 


The initial pilots demonstrated the feasibility of printing individualized medicines based on CurifyLabs’ pharmaceutical formulations. They will continue to focus on adapting technology in order to build a new strategy for tailored medication for their customers, based on pharma grade ingredients and integrated quality control.


This collaboration with CurifyLabs will enable them to expand their range. Natural Machines has solutions for the food and personal care industries, and with this strategic relationship, they now offer solutions for the pharmaceutical industry as well. Combining CurifyLabs’ knowledge and the most recent innovations in pharma with Natural Machine’s substantial 3D printing ability, “Providing a new solution that aligns with the growing global trend of product personalization.”, says Emilio Sepulveda, CEO of Natural Machines. 

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