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Craftbot conquers Hollywood

On the set of Blade Runner 2049, Craftbot made an impression. Iván Pohárnok, a famous Hungarian special make-up artist who works at Filmefex Studio, employed 10 Craftbot Plus 3D printers in the Hollywood blockbuster to construct incredibly realistic replicant bodies.

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The Craftbot Plus 3D printers used for creating the replicant bodies

Craftbot 3D printers were employed because of their ease of use and quick operation as compared to the traditional moulding used for full-body props in the film. Instead of working with moulds, the designers merely needed to make digital scans and begin printing the bodies in pieces.

This 3D printing system has additional advantages over older approaches. Even last-minute alterations were easier to execute with digital approaches. Furthermore, the printers were able to work around the clock, making it easier to fulfil tight deadlines.

Using this procedure was not only easier, but it also produced excellent results. The joints between the sections are imperceptible thanks to the inventors’ efforts and the precise printing of Craftbot Plus, and even the spores on the “skin” can be seen. This is how superior superhuman bodies are created!

Craftbot Plus has made its way to Hollywood, but it is also ready for the rest of the world to put it to the test. If you want to see how this appeared in the film, check the official Blade Runner trailer and look for the 3D printed bodies