Photocentric are a specialist chemical manufacturer of a wide variety of photopolymers that can harden in light from right across the spectrum. Their patent holders in visible light curing technologies and have a core business based on being innovative in photopolymer, which won them the Queen's Award for Innovation in the UK. They have applied their innovations to craft and office stamps, flexographic printing and 3D printing. They commercialised the first 3D printer based on an LCD screen in 2016 and manufacture the Liquid Crystal range of 3D printers along with 3rd party 3D resins. cture the Liquid Crystal range of 3D printers.

Photocentric intend to change 3D printing for the better by providing parts that can actually be used industrially. This means made in scale, made at industrially acceptable prices and delivering durable properties. Their aim is to provide a disruptive alternative method of manufacture for plastic, ceramic and metal parts. We don’t aim to compete with existing 3D Printing companies, but to provide alternatives to conventional methods of manufacture.